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Artifice exhibits over thirty artists’ work who show their creativity through original products, mostly handmade, with costarrican identity.

They work with local raw material like wood, seeds, clay, semi-precious stones and natural fibers from plants, roots and even dried fruits.

Indigenous handicraft: we pursue to draw particular attention to the Quitirrisí community work from the Mora district using the “estococa” fiber. The balsa wood masks from the Borucas (Bruncas), the “jícaras” and “pejibaye” palm wood from the Curré community (also Borucas) as well as the valuable attempt from some of the Cartago and Guaitil (Guanacaste) settlers of preserving the clay art from the Huetares and Chorotegas.

Modern handicraft include artists’ work made with wood, resin, banana paper, jewelry, giclée (printing fine arts authorized by the author) and glass. Also, we exhibit neo-handicraft pieces made with recycled raw materials for decoration as well as functional use (hanging mobiles, ashtrays, for example).

We offer regional music cd’s with very representative genders like salsa, cumbia, reggae, bolero and calypso from national and Central American musicians.

The national designers show their talent with unique and exclusive pieces, mixing color and fashion (you can find dresses, bathing suits, bags and t-shirts, among others).

The artists are families, couples, single people; some very young, some with many years of experience, some from the city, some from the country side, some from the beach, but all work with the same objective and their inspiration is Costa Rica. 


The Artificer

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a very special connection with the south region of Costa Rica, in fact, I lived there part of my childhood





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