About Us

When you have a dream, go for it and make it happen. 

“Artífice” is a souvenir, art, cloths, accessory, jewelry and bathing suit store.

“Artífice” was born a Monday of November 2nd of 2009, date in which “Day of the dead” is celebrated, however, it was never thought as a bad omen. As the years pass, we do believe we’ve become more alive and more willing to learn.

This store is Stephanie Obando Montenegro’s personal project, who was born in Costa Rica from costarrican parents as well.

She wanted to establish a commercial point where art and design, both classic and  modern converged all supporting national production. That objective hasn’t changed, today “Artífice” contributes to the main income of over 17 families and it’s also an additional income source of 10 more.

We appreciate what we do and feel blessed for doing what we love.


Get to know the Artificers

Artifice exhibits over thirty artists’ work who show their creativity through original products, mostly handmade, with costarrican identity.




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